This is my Reels page. Welcome! Bienvenida! Empfang! Check out clips from various projects I’ve directed and boarded. 



A 40-second clip reel of projects I’ve directed over the last five years. This clip reel is password-protected until December 2024. 

Featured clips are from Sonic Prime, the Peanuts specials, Minions commercials, Minions 2D shorts, and the Secret Life of Pets theme-park ride for Universal Studios.


Sonic Prime

Writer, Director, Executive Producer

This sequence is from the Netflix Season Two premiere of Sonic Prime, “Avoid the Void,” which I wrote and directed. In this clip, Sonic and Shadow finally face off in the Shatterverse.

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Sonic S2.E1 (P.110) Cold open for “Avoid The Void”

“Avoid The Void” This is the cold open of season two’s first episode, revealing where Shadow The Hedgehog had been during all of season one – stuck in the void. This is one of my personal favorite openings I got to make of my entire run as director on the series.

TBA Peanuts Special


TBA Peanuts special, which will be released in 2024 on Apple+. 

Illumination Commercials

Writer, Director

A one-minute commercial for the Minions: The Rise of Gru campaign.

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Despicable Me 3 commercial / Ofo

This clip is from a commercial for Ofo public bikes to support the Despicable Me 3  marketing campaign in China; you can see the Beijing skyline in the background.


It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown 

Head of Story

In this clip from the Apple+ Peanuts special, “It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown,” Peppermint Patty and her team interrupt Charlie Brown and his team to psyche them out before the crucial game.

In this second clip, which is the emotional peak of the special, Charlie Brown chases after brokenhearted Sally to show her the transformation of the baseball field—which Sally learns she herself inspired with the protection of a single dandelion.

Hotel Transylvania Three

Story Artist

In this clip, Mavis and Jonathan’s son, Dennis, interrupts a monster volleyball game using his super speed.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Story Artist, Character Layout Artist

This 50-second video contains storyboards from the first SpongeBob movie (2004) that I did old-school style–using pencil and paper. As much as I appreciate working digitally, it’s pretty great to have tangible drawings at the end of the day. 

These boards were based on the rough boards of some of the greatest minds in animation, SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg and original Spongebob writer-artists Derek Drymon and Aaron Springer. The ridiculously talented Zeus Cervas also contributed drawings to these scenes. 

SpongeBob SquarePants (TV series)

Writer, Story Artist

“Dunces and Dragons,” a half-hour season four premiere special that Zeus Cervas and I wrote and boarded, is one of my favorite episodes. This video is the complete show with a storyboard overlay that compares the boards and the final lock. 

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THIS SECTION IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. The Videos below are missing the storyboards but will be added soon.

Jellyfish Jam

This first clip still needs to be attached to the storyboard. We’re waiting to hear back from Nickelodeon.

The clip below is from the ending of Jellyfish Jam. Fun fact: I did the demo music for this final track using a Yamaha QY70. I sampled the dolphins and the LA LA LA parts from a co-worker, but it went to another composer for a final polish and a horn section.

MuscleBob BuffPants

This is another one I co-wrote and storyboarded from season one called MuscleBob BuffPants.

Minions: The Rise of Gru commercial

 Writer, Director, Story Artist

I was thrilled to have the chance to direct a Minions 2 commercial for; the only catch was that I had a two-day turnaround. That’s why the extra rough drawings in the clip below! 

Sonic Prime

Writer, Director, EP, Story Artist 

I had three nights to board this action sequence because I was working on Peanuts during the day, so in this clip, you’ll again see my storyboard shorthand. It’s sometimes hard to resist doing a tight drawing, but that’s the beauty of CG, right?

For Sonic Prime die-hards, here are more storyboards.
Sonic Prime, BTS Netflix Geeked with Kira Please

During Sonic Prime’s premiere week, Netflix hosted a live YouTube event featuring an interview conducted by Kira Please, host of Netflix Geeked. They screened a sequence that I storyboarded for the final big battle of episode two. Here it is. 

Sonic S1.E3 (P.104) Escape From New Yoke, selected animatic clips

One of my favorite episodes that I directed is “Escape from New Yoke.” This is the point in the series when Sonic finally takes charge. In this video, I’ve compiled some scenes from this episode, including my boards and those of the incredibly talented storyboard team. All story artist credits are listed at the end. 

Sonic S1.E2 1. Fly-thru of New Yoke 2. Rouge’s flashback “Days of Future Past”

In this video, there are two storyboard clips. The purpose of the first is to introduce us to the oppressed denizens who live in New Yoke, and also Rebel Rouge and Knucks. This brings us to the second clip, which is Rouge’s flashback. Even though this sequence wasn’t originally written in the script, after watching a rough animatic build and discussing it with Duncan, we realized that it didn’t leave us caring enough about Rouge or Knucks. So, we came up with the idea of doing a flashback. Duncan gave me the freedom to write it on the boards, and that’s how the flashback sequence came into existence.

Sonic S1.E6 (P.107) end fight scene, Animatic vs Final

In this video, I compare the storyboards the team and I did against the final picture. Due to time constraints, these boards was done economically, and as a result, it’s less posed out than modern storyboards, which are often almost animated. Here, there are fewer poses and a lot more direction on the boards.

Sonic S2.E1 (Prod#110) opening sequence, Animatic vs Final

This sequence shows the Season Two Cold Open from Shadow’s point of view. Although storyboarding in color isn’t typically necessary, in this case, color plays a significant role in the story. Each portal represents a different world with a different color, making color an essential part of the story.

Sonic S3.E22 (Prod#123) Storyboard Clips. Only Sonic vs Nine

During Season Three, I was working on a Peanuts special for Apple+ and was no longer a day-to-day executive producer for Sonic Prime. However, the last three episodes of Sonic were so ambitious that I returned to collaborate with the team, alongside the fantastic co-director Kiran Sangherra.

This video isn’t a comparison between the storyboard and final picture. These boards contain my initial creative ideas, and some elements may not align with the final version. You’ll hear some temporary dialogue from me and the editors, and perhaps some temp music, including Nine Inch Nails, Star Wars, and pop-metal versions of Sonic game scores. They don’t always hit the mark, but, ya know, it was just the first pass.

The boards I did focus on the climactic battle between Sonic and Nine atop the tower. The biggest challenge, given the intricate choreography involved, was editing the first version of the episode to ensure that the fight at the top of the tower was perfectly synchronized with the battle unfolding below. Once this part was finished, I handed it over to Kiran to finalize the last three episodes of the series, which he did with his typical brilliance .

I hope you enjoy these behind-the-scenes boards, warts and all.