Last Christmas, I made what some would call a Sonic Prime “fan edit.” I didn’t set out to make one, but it all began when I experimented with a few glitch apps on my iPhone while listening to my Spotify techno mix and using some Sonic footage stored on my phone. Before I knew it, I’d fallen down a rabbit hole, and it quickly developed into a full-on music video.

I’ve always listened to Techno, Industrial, Electro Body Music (ie Front 242), or old-school gutter Punk whenever I would draw Sonic storyboards. It always sets the mood for drawing action scenes. One song in particular that always got the best drawings out of me was Expo 2000 by Kraftwerk (Orbital mix), so I set my edits to that one. The result is a Sonic Prime mega-mix music video encompassing all three seasons (just the highlights from episodes I got to direct/more or less) in under five minutes. It might be the best way to watch season three. 💣 😅

So here it is. I hope you enjoy the edit.


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