Star Wars: Detours (Lost Media)

And then there was that time when me and a bunch of guys from Stoopid Buddy went up to Lucasfilm and wrote a Star Wars TV series called STAR WARS: DETOURS. I wrote one episode of Detours and I’m proud to say that I named the series….which never aired. 

Working with George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch (where a giant Klimt hung in the dining room) was an out-of-body experience.  I sometimes felt like an eight-year-old fanboy and could barely get a word out in his presence. Almost as surreal was coming up with funny dialogue for Darth Vader with the amazing crew from Stoopid Buddy: Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Brendan Hay, Breckin Meyer, and Kevin Shinick. 

File this under: Lost media.


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